Day 15 – Guess what your daughter did?

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I received a call from my husband today and he said, “Guess what your daughter did?”  That’s a horrible way to open a conversation especially since I’m the emotional type.  Of course my mind thinks the wost of things.  Bellona fell down, ripped out her stitches, jumped up on the bed…  The list went on and on.

My husband had been playing with Bellona and she was trying to use the tricks she knows.  Some of her tricks prove to be difficult on 3 legs.  Playing dead (bang) would be pretty easy.  Bowing down would be hard, but I’m sure Big B will try it sooner or later.  But the trick she did today was High-5 (Paw).  That silly dog was sitting and put her weight on her back end and gave my husband her paw.  And not just once, Bellona did it several times.

I guess that proves that Bellona is felling better and able to play and act silly as she normally would.  Please don’t start a conversation with me by asking, “Guess what your daughter did?”  If so, I’ll probably have a heart attack and who wants that on their conscious, right?

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One Response to Day 15 – Guess what your daughter did?

  1. jerry says:

    Paws up big girl! We’ve gotta see that one on video!

    Glad you’re on the mend, it really does our hearts good. Keep it up!

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