Day 16 – Vet visit and update

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We went to the vet and Bellona got her stitches out.  W00t!  W00t! 

A preliminary pathology report came back from Bellona’s leg.  CSU said yes it’s Osteosarcoma.  We are still waiting for the final report to find out if we caught it early and how aggressive it is.  So, what does that mean now?  Bellona needs to have Chemo and starts her first round on Sunday.

I have mixed emotions about putting Big B through Chemo, but I know she’s a strong girl and take it.  She’ll get through this, cancer isn’t the worst thing that can happen.  We are great pet parents and fight hard for our fur-babies.

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2 Responses to Day 16 – Vet visit and update

  1. shari says:

    I know many folks here have wondered if they could or should “put their dog through” chemo–as did we. But it really seems like they don’t have the awful side effects and reactions that humans have. Just one more area dogs have us beat. Their arguments are over quickly, they rarely hold grudges, they bounce back from amputation quickly and chemo isn’t horrible.

    It’s good to see Big B chilling there so proud and pretty!

    –Shari and Dakota

  2. admin says:

    Best wishes with the chemo treatments, please keep us posted on how Bellona does. Remember, there is no law saying you must continue them, if she doesn’t cope so well.

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