3 Weeks

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Bellona is still doing good.  Yesterday Dr. Carlson administered Bellona’s Carbo (Carboplatin) Chemo.  Bellona hasn’t showed signs of any side effects from the Chemo and that’s great news to us. 

In addition to the Chemo Big B is taking Doxycycline  and Piroxicam.  Let me say I was shocked when I picked up the prescription for the Piroxicam – it wasn’t cheap to say the least.  It’s ok because it’s one more thing to help Bellona continue to fight cancer like the warrior she is. 

But the bad ass in Bellona made her fight my husband and I while we attempted to take off her bandages from the Chemo and the blood draw.  We tried treats and bribery but that didn’t work.  Since we didn’t have safety scissors Bellona took a trip to the vet today and Dr. Carlson proved us wrong by quickly going, “Snip, Snip” and took the bandages right off.  Boy did I feel like a tool when the vet can do it that quickly and we’re Bellona’s parents.  Bellona is a pushover for Dr. Carlson.

Right now Bellona is napping and it must be good because she’s wagging her tail while she’s sleeping.

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4 Responses to 3 Weeks

  1. tazziedog says:

    I might have missed this but do you live in Washington? I notice that you went to Dog Daze the other day and I know that Dr. Carlson is a vet at Sumner. I live in Puyallup so I go to Dog Daze all of the time!


    • bellona says:

      Yes on all accounts. We do live in the Puyallup area, use Sumner Vet and go to Dog Daze frequently. My friends Erin and Kevin own and run Dog Daze.

    • bellona says:

      Since you’re Vet, is there anything else we should try or do for Bellona? We’ve used Sumner Vet for over 9 years and have followed Dr. Carlson from Sumner to Animal Emergency and back. We have used the services of Dr. Demuth (now with Summit) for our Epileptic dog but thought we felt more comfortable having Dr. Carlson continue to care for Bellona instead of seeking out an Oncologist at Summit or somewhere else.

      It makes a difference to us where we treat our animals and Bellona feels comfortable at Sumner. The silly dog wouldn’t let us take the bandages off but let the vet do it without a peep or trying to run away.

  2. admin says:

    Bellona is Way Bad Ass! 🙂

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