Bellona goes to work

On Friday I took Bellona to work with me and she had a VERY long day.  Normally Bellona will sleep till late morning, have some breakfast and back to snoozing all day.  However Bellona’s morning started at 7:00AM with getting up and going to work.

First we made a trip to daycare to drop off our 2-legged daughter.  Bellona was NOT happy being left in the car for 3 minutes alone.  Then we had a 45 minute car ride and we pull up to a mysterious 4 story building. 

We make the trek from the parking lot with all of Bellona’s essentials.  I must of looked silly carrying all the bags of her things (food, bowls, AM medications, bed, treats, toys…). 

We made it to the elevator and Bellona was somewhat hesatant.  I can’t remember if Bellona had been on an elelvator before or not.  We could have taken the stairs – she’s a tough Tripawd but with carrying all of Bellona’s essentials I needed a break.

We made it to the office and I took Bellona around to meet everyone in my department to say hello before going to my desk.  Mostly I think eveyone was shocked and supprised of how well Bellona does on 3 legs.  Some of my coworkers have read Bellona’s blog too so they were aware of her story and I didn’t need to come up with a silly excuse of how she lost her leg.

After Bellona met the 20 + people in my department and was pet, adored, and given yummy treats Big B was ready to go home right then and there.  So was I – it was Friday after all.

Bellona got several potty breaks outside and got to do some sun bathing on our lunch.  It was a rare sunny day in the NW and Bellona wanted soak it up.  

A woman from our purchasing department that is currently fighting cancer and going through Chemo came by to meet Bellona.  She asked what happened and I told her about Bellona’s cancer and that Bellona has went through 6 rounds of Chemo.  I felt bad that Bellona wasn’t bald too but I felt hopeful for my coworker.  I hope she felt that if Bellona can fight cancer then she could too.

Bellona didn’t nap at all while at work.  Even 2 days later Bellona is still really tired and has slept most of the weekend.  It was worth getting a tired dog so Bellona can inspire others. 

I’m glad I work for a pet supply distributor so I have the opertunity to take Bellona to work and educate more people that a 3-legged dog is not torture and my Tripawd Warrior deserves to live and kick Cancer’s ass.

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4 Responses to Bellona goes to work

  1. etgayle says:

    bellona, you rock!!! what a great adventure you had with your mom, thanks for sharing the pictures. keep kicking cancer’s butt and keep being a model ‘tripawd citizen’.

    charon & gayle

  2. admin says:

    Way to go Big B! 🙂

  3. wyattraydawg says:

    Wow girl, you must be a super good dawg to get to go to an office building and all that because my Mom says that she’d get fired if she took me into an office!

    Too cool!

  4. jerry says:

    Keep on keepin’ on Bellona, you inspire everypawdy you meet.

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