5 Month Ampuversary

Today is Bellona’s 5 month Ampuversary!!! Woot, Woot!

Right now Big B is hiding from fireworks that a distant neighbor is setting off but I’ll give her an extra piece of cheese tonight before bed.

Thank you to the other Tripawds and their families with the support for our Tripawd Warrior Bellona.




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3 Responses to 5 Month Ampuversary

  1. etgayle says:

    congrats on your five month ampuversary!! we’ll have cheese here in ET to celebrate your big day!!

    charon & gayle

  2. wyattraydawg says:

    Fireworks? Didn’t the 4th come and go? What’s up with that?

    Hey girlfriend, you look like the SUPA STAR you are. Congrats!!!!

  3. chilidawg says:

    Congrats! Lookin good!

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