Day 26 – Sunny Day

We had an unusually sunny morning here in WA.  It’s still chilly (about 40 degrees) but Big B didn’t mind at all.

Bellona spent the morning by running around the yard, barking at the dogs next door through the fence and sun bathed.  I almost forgot – Bellona and Caesar took a nap on our bed.  Here are some pictures from the several adventures today.

Sun bathing

I wasn't barking - I swear!

Caesar Boy

My fur is growing back


I'm on your bed

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Day 25 – Crazy Girl

Tonight Bellona has been a crazy girl. We got home from the store and Bellona was hopping around and running just like she used to.

If you didn’t look at Bellona’s legs you wouldn’t know she’s missing one.  I guess her shaved side would give it away, but her fur is growing back quickly.

Big B has either adjusted to her meds or she’s just feeling great today (alright it could both). Either way it’s still a good thing to have Bellona happy and sassy. Yay for a crazy girl tonight!

Right now Bellona is sleeping on her bed by the fire and snoring.  The life of a dog is so simple.

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Day 24 – Quiet evening

Another quiet evening for us tonight. Bellona is still doing doing great and she’s in her usual napping spot on her bed in front of the fire.

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Day 24 – On the bed

Guess who hopped up on our bed? You’re right, Bellona did! Bellona laid down right in the middle of the bed and made it impossible for us to crawl in. After begging Big B to scoot over she grumbled, stood up and jumped down instead of moving over.

I’m pretty sure she’ll hop back up in the morning when I get up for work.

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Day 23 – Chilling with 3 legs

Bellona is still doing good.  Nothing seems to be different from yesterday and Big B is chilling by the fire right now.  She was really hyper when it was time for dinner and medicine.  The secret with the meds is peanut butter.  Bellona must be going through carb withdrawal and went crazy for the PB.

Caesar our other Corso is a 150 lb. whiny boy and complains about everything.  Bellona is a tough girl and puts up with a lot especially with the amputation, hopping on 3, continued vet treatment and meds.  If Caesar was our 3-legged dog I think things would be totally different.  As much as I love the boy I don’t think he’s as tough as his big sister Bellona.  Everything happens for a reason and for some reason Bellona was chosen to become a 3-legged warrior.



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Day 22 – Happy and hoppy

Bellona is feeling really good tonight.  She was doing tricks, barking at me, ran to get her food and sat down obediently until it was her time to eat.  Bellona finds it fun to run (hop) outside but tonight was hopping fast inside too. 

Maybe it’s the Piroxicam kicking in, a positive side effect from the Chemo or she just loves her food – Wysong Epigen.  I guess it doesn’t really matter what’s making her active because I’m not complaining at all.  Bellona is an extremely happy dog tonight and seems more like herself.

Big B is napping in front of the fire now, I guess her burst of energy tired her out.  Maybe Bellona will try to hop on our bed tonight with all this extra energy.  Believe me, I’ll blog from bed if she does.

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Day 22 – Words of wisdom

I work for a pet supply distributor and a customer of mine shared with me her take on life.  I’m not sure if she wants me to share her name so I’ll just say it’s a customer in Colorado.

“Every day on this side of the dirt is a good thing.”

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3 Weeks

Bellona is still doing good.  Yesterday Dr. Carlson administered Bellona’s Carbo (Carboplatin) Chemo.  Bellona hasn’t showed signs of any side effects from the Chemo and that’s great news to us. 

In addition to the Chemo Big B is taking Doxycycline  and Piroxicam.  Let me say I was shocked when I picked up the prescription for the Piroxicam – it wasn’t cheap to say the least.  It’s ok because it’s one more thing to help Bellona continue to fight cancer like the warrior she is. 

But the bad ass in Bellona made her fight my husband and I while we attempted to take off her bandages from the Chemo and the blood draw.  We tried treats and bribery but that didn’t work.  Since we didn’t have safety scissors Bellona took a trip to the vet today and Dr. Carlson proved us wrong by quickly going, “Snip, Snip” and took the bandages right off.  Boy did I feel like a tool when the vet can do it that quickly and we’re Bellona’s parents.  Bellona is a pushover for Dr. Carlson.

Right now Bellona is napping and it must be good because she’s wagging her tail while she’s sleeping.

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Day 20 – Final Pathology results

At Bellona’s Chemo appointment today our vet let us know she received the final pathology results from CSU.  Bellona’s Osteosarcoma is of average type.  It’s not the most aggressive growing cancer and it appears that we caught it early.  Who would have thought breaking a leg would be a good thing.  And I’m not talking in the showbiz sense.  I doubt anyone told Bellona to, “Break a leg.”

I try to believe that everything happens for a reason and I believe that her fall and broken leg was a way for us to find the cancer sooner than later.

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Day 20 – First round of Chemo

Bellona is home from her first round of Chemo.  I think Bellona was excited for the car ride but unhappy it cut into her nap time.  Big B is napping now and awaiting dinner.  We started Bellona on Fish Oil caps today and we’ll wait a few days before starting Essiac.  We want to gradually work her into all of her new supplements and not to overload her system.  More news to come but hopefully we’ll continue to have good news for you.

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